Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday morning

This morning we had a busy time at the 11.30 service. First of all, there were 3 baptisms, and loads of extra people in church (and baby noise, which was great!). But then we had Communion afterwards for those who wanted it, because there was a mix-up over Early Communion, which found only Stephen present... But it was good to see the Chancel full (with one overflow in the Organ Aisle) whereas we would only have about 12 or so at the early service.

This afternoon I'm for a flower festival in Tandragee Presbyterian, and then Church and YF tonight. But this week is going to be very busy, as I am working EVERY night through the week, including trips to Belfast and Magherafelt... So hopefully I'll have Friday off to relax and catch up on sleep before our Sunday Club trip to the Zoo on Saturday...

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