Friday, June 17, 2005


Today is the first of my looooooooooooooong weekend off! And what a good day! After a nice lie-in, I went to Lisburn for a while with me ma, where I saw Mark pushing a pram... which led to a bit of banter as he is as single as the day is long - turns out it was a friend's ba, and he had gotten a lift to town with her.

I came across a set of tapes of Dick Lucas speaking on Romans, so I bought them, and have been listening with some profit ever since.

Then later in the afternoon, I took ma and gran to Tullylish for a flower festival - it's where ma was brought up and married etc, so she knew loads of people, but thankfully I had an escape plan, and dropped them off before heading to ICM Books at Bleary. Well, it turned out that everything I was looking, they didn't have - 2 books by Peter Jensen, and one by T C Hammond - it turns out that ICM in Dublin bought all their stocks of the 3 books for the bookstall at the event last week, which I saw... but I thought I would wait until I got back to Bleary before I would buy them. I'll know for again!

This evening the YF did a car wash for the Albany team mission in the summer - I sort of stood about talking, yet still managed to get a bit wet... hopefully it will have raised a lot of money for the girls going away.

But this Friday night finds me in the house as I prepare to lead the service in the Cathedral on Sunday... please pray for me if you're reading this before 11.30am, and if you happen to read it between 11.30 and 12.30 on Sunday, then pray all the harder!

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