Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday and Dublin bound

Last night the history seemed to go really well - although, as often happens, history merged into other discussions too, leading to plenty of chat until well into the evening. But that's good - the concept of our group is about bringing people together in a safe place to share their experiences, and support one another towards recovery (if possible). And if the history course provides a forum for people to talk, and opens them up, then who am I to complain about it (even if it means I'm in bed late!)

So today I'm in work again, but tomorrow should be an interesting day. I'm going to Dublin for the T C Hammond Lectures, hosted by Irish Church Missions. The speaker is Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney, and I'm really looking forward to hearing from him. I have previously read one of his books ('At the heart of the universe'), which was very good. The lectures are in honour of TC Hammond, who was an Irish Evangelical Anglican who moved to Sydney Diocese (which explains why Jensen is speaking). I'll try and provide some summary of it on Thursday or so. But even besides the lectures, it should be a good day. We're having like a 'road trip' with Mark, David, Bryan and myself going in the car to Dublin - dear knows what the craic will be like, but it's usually good when David is about.

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  1. Hi Gary

    I enjoyed reading your report on the history forum last night. I had read about it on your site last week and meant to get in touch because, had I been free and it had been permissible for me to attend, I'd have made an effort to get along! In the event we had our Circuit Quarterly meeting so I had to remain in North Armagh!!

    That lecture which you plan to attend tomorrow looks interesting!! I am looking forward to reading your report. There is nothing like a good theological talk to get the brain working and force you to consider new issues or old issues in new ways!!

    Have a good time.