Friday, June 03, 2005


So here we are... Friday again! Last night the history class in Magherafelt went very well. The participants were interested and keen, and all fed in their knowledge to boost what I had, so we engaged together in learning.

The drive over the Sperrins wasn't too pleasant, due to the rain etc, but on the way back it had cleared up somewhat, so that I was able to get a few photographs of the Sperrins in the evening sun - although I'll try again if it is clearer next week. There was one spot that was absolutely beautiful, where the stream meandered down through a gorge type thing, and then into the main river. The photos are now on my photo site, in the Sperrins album.

The other thing that struck me about the Glenelly Road through the Sperrins is that the sheep just run wild over it... on three separate occasions I had to stop or slow down to pass or overtake sheep... but at least they know their highway code... they were walking on the lefthand side of the road!


  1. Sheep are very cleaver! Probably more cleaver than you or I!

  2. You should be used to sheep runing riot Gary, sure you live in the Country (the sticks) like me :-)