Monday, June 06, 2005


Tonight in the Historical Awareness Course in the office we're looking at the 1798 Rebellion - one of the more interesting times, when in Ulster, Presbyterians and Catholics joined in rebellion against the Church of Ireland Ascendancy. Yet within 5 years, the Presbyterians had become staunch unionists... And also the period during which the first settlers from the island went to America - not the Irish Americans (they came later), but instead the 'Scotch-Irish' who contributed so much to the new American society (including many signatories of the Delcaration of Independence and up to 17 of the 43 Presidents to date). There seems to be a huge interest in the Scotch-Irish now by Americans, with all things Ulster-Scots being valued by them.

Of course, 1798 is important locally (in County Down), due to the battles of Saintfield and Ballynahinch. One of the rebels was discovered and arrested in the Dromara Hills, and brought to custody first in the basement of our Rectory (before it was a rectory), before being taken on to Lisburn and being executed.


  1. And here you kept me going about being from Ballynahinch, but yet you will teach it tonight lol!

  2. G'won the hang drawing and quartering from my house :D