Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The End is Nigh!

Well, it seems that my end in Newtownstewart is coming sooner than expected - possibly as early as tomorrow. It seems that I have to use up all my holidays before the end of June, and, with time worked up as well, that means tomorrow is my last in the office.

And there's been no word on the summer research project we were hoping for, so I could be finished completely and looking a summer job. Any ideas anyone?

But it also means, more concerningly, that I won't be online as much at all, with no more broadband (not being in the office), and not having the work laptop (as the computer at home is busted). So for the next wee while, we might be on a reduced posting blog... but we'll see what happens. Keep checking anyway for the latest updates...


  1. Gary, you can't leave me....not yet!!! I've another 8 days of needing your company in the afternoons...oh, it will be a sad sad day when you leave NTS...but I can look back on all these months of language study and be thankful that you have been there to hear/read my frustrations with personal possessive pronouns and disagreeable adjectives! You'll be remembered as the man who knew how to say "rite" at just the appropriate moment!! Thanks Gary :)

    PS....get yourself a laptop ASAP!!

  2. All the best in whatever God gives you to do next Gary, what shall we all do without you in our computers...? And I agree with Primrose, the rite, rite? and the hehe's always come at all the right times along with those strange yellow faces.