Friday, June 10, 2005


I've just got this email from Stewart... how weird is this:

Just about 5 minutes ago I was walking across the car park here in CSS when I thought I saw you. I was so sure that it was you that I was about to put up my hand, when I thought, 'Hold on, what's Gary doing here?'. I looked again and this person is the spitting image of you, but drives a different car. He's probably wondering what this freak was doing staring at him!

So there we are... is it possible I could have a double in Craigavon? Should we hunt this person down? It would be like doing a 'Dave Gorman', only with looks instead of names... Hm... maybe Dave Gorman isn't well known to everyone, so I'll explain. Dave Gorman set out, with his friend Danny Wallace, to find 54 other people in the world called 'Dave Gorman' (I think it was to settle a drunken bet). To ruin the end of the story, he was successful, but the story is funny because of the telling, and how he came to find them. It was a stand up show, then was made into a tv programme on BBC 2, and is now out in a book.

I have also emailed a couple of people called 'Gary McMurray', but I haven't heard back from any of them - Google is handy for so many things! One Gary McMurray is the manager of the First Trust Bank in Lisburn, another was a competitor in the Paralympics for New Zealand, one is a senior researcher in a robotics initiative and so on... Maybe the idea of getting an email which says 'Hello to Gary McMurray from Gary McMurray' was just a wee bit weird!

Actually - having looked at Dave Gorman's site, there's a link to another site called YourNotMe which scans the electoral registers in the UK to see how many people share your name. According to it, there are 12 people called Gary McMurray in the UK! Which means that if two of us are within 10 miles of each other, that is quite something!