Saturday, June 04, 2005


Just a normal sort of a Saturday. Today I lay in til about 10.30 or so, then was up and about... making it to Newry, then Portadown, then Tesco in Banbridge.

I've just realised that I didn't talk about last night, so I might as well now... Last night I was in Markethill for the parade organised by Kilcluney Volunteers - never have I seen such a huge crowd at a band parade... the people must have been at least 5 thick the whole way up the main street as well as in the other streets... and there was a good mix of bands - 2 Pipe Bands (Tyrone's Ditches, and Armaghbreague - Armaghbreague was the better of the two), 2 Silver Bands (Hamiltonsbawn and Tullyvallen - Tullyvallen was the better), a wheen of Accordian Bands (possibly Pride of the Birches was the best), and then the usual mix of melody flute bands and blood and thunder bands.

The Pride of Ballinran stole the show, by stopping on the main street (just where I was standing!), and they did a bit of figure marching type stuff - in through the ranks, while playing 'Killaloe'. Then they did a drum salute, where the drummers not only hit their own drum, but also the sticks of the drummer beside them - hard to describe, but fantastic to watch. then they played 'The Great Escape' before marching on up the street. Absolutely brilliant!

See my photo site for some cultural pictures of band parades, banners and lambeg drums. Sadly I can't display my video footage of the parades, but if anyone knows of a site that would host video clips, let me know and I'll try and add them!

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