Friday, June 03, 2005

Hobbit Name

Did you know you have a hobbit name? Maybe you don't know what a hobbit is... well, they feature in Lord of the Rings, and Frodo is one of them. I came across a website that generates your 'hobbit name'... Are you ready for this?

I am: Minto Bulge of Hobbiton!

Click here and see what your name is!


  1. Well Gary

    My Name (known by you) is:

    Pearl Bulge of Hobbiton

    But my real name (not known by you lol) is:

    Dimple Bulge of Hobbiton

  2. my hobbit name is:
    Pearl Loamsdown of Deephallow. Weird!!!

  3. Hey Gary,

    Mine is:

    Lara Brownlock of Overhill

    while my elvin name is:

    Nápoldë Galathil

    I think I like the latter better.