Thursday, June 16, 2005

William of Orange

Tonight was another night of history in Magherafelt, and tonight we were looking at the Williamite Wars in Ireland - perhaps my favourite ever period of history! From the Comber Letter to the Treaty of Limerick, I just love it all!

As a Dromore man, it is an obvious shame that the first defeat for the Williamites came at our own town - where the Council of the North fled in the face of the Jacobite Army... but these things happen!

But my most favourite thing of tonight's session was the following four 'myths' which we shattered:

1. The image of William on a white horse - wrong - the only reference in a book is to a black horse!

2. The image of William raising his right arm holding a sword - wrong - William was shot on the eve of the battle in the right shoulder, and so couldn't carry his sword in his right hand as it was too painful.

3. The Williamites were identified by a green bough or leaves in their hats - so the Orangemen wore green!

4. Many Lodges and people are called 'True Blue' as an expression of their loyalty... yet the name comes from the Dutch Blue Guards, who were the elite Dutch Regiment, and to a man, they were all Catholics!

Hehe... these and more are exposed in the historical book I have written, and with funding from the Community Relations Council will shortly be available... more details when it is on sale!

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