Monday, August 22, 2005

Annoying technology

Technology is great when it works... I've a feeling this is going to be similar to a posting that Martin had on his blog a wee while back... but let me tell you about today in the office.

We have had broadband in the office since January, but on Friday (once), and then numerous times today, the whole connection has crashed - not just the internet, but also our internal network system... Rage! It's so annoying when you're trying to keep up to date with emails, or work from websites to check things out, and suddenly it is all unavailable. To such an extent that this posting was written offline, and hopefully added when it came back on!

As well as that, I've been trying to sort out the stuff on the work laptop and my office computer, seeing what is my own, and needs to be removed (or rather, copied to cd)... It's amazing how many documents and pictures you accumulate in just 2 years.

And then soon will come the unenviable task of trying to clear out the flat with mountains of books, cds and videos... then deciding which stuff I need urgently in Dublin, and which should be put into my (already full) bedroom in Dromore...

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  1. well here Gary 4 a change I will be nice an sympathize with you as a technophobe it is annoying when it fails (As I struggle enuff when its working...)

    But boy can u moan... ;-)