Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm leaving Newtownstewart - AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!

This is going to sound really silly, but it is only today that it has finally hit me that I am leaving Newtownstewart so soon. It was only when I went into the Post Office (which is also a men's clothes shop, furniture shop, hardware, fancy goods, and undertaker business and more stuff that I either haven't seen or can't remember) and was squaring up the remainder of the rent with my landlord that it hit me. Then later on, when I was back in the PO, and one of the staff wished me all the best in case she didn't see me again before I left.

I am gonna miss this place so much. From the flat (yes, even the flat with the regular return of mice, and the at times dodgy shower, and the 4 bedrooms and the heating system and the coin box electric meter), and Finlay's supermarket for the morning paper, and the quiet life of a wee village, and the view of the Sperrins from my desk, and the friends I have made with my colleagues - Stephanie, Ken, Pauline and Hazlett, as well as the committee and members - the victims who have suffered so much in this part of the world. All coming to an end.

I'll be sad to go. And yet, a part of me is ready to move on, to see what is around the next corner, because I know that I am going in the power of God - he has called me (I believe) to the ministry of the word, and I go to follow his call. So I'm well excited about Dublin and all that lies beyond there! Here goes...!


  1. Dear Gary this is in response to the post you left me on MY blog. . i do wish you had an E MAIL as it would make it more convienient. anyway.
    YOU GO ON TO SAY!!!!!!!!!
    "But evil, sinful men (that is, all of us unless we are born again of the Spirit of God), prefer darkness rather than light. And if they continue in that choice of darkness, then God will honour their choice, and they will spend eternity in hell."
    I for one AM NOT a sinful person. im good and loving and kind and caring. so your wrong there. and to assume that all men are is TYPICAL religious crap which you your self say. "keeps men in DARKNESS...".
    There ARE many people who are born with certain characteristics, that makes life dark for them, they never find christ but stuggle with making themselves better.
    SO is your god so full of hate he is wihthout comapssion for these people..????
    and your statement is JUDGEING these people. who are you to judge ANYONE??
    REALLY dear. GET OUT OF THE DARK AGES!!!!!! With a philosophy such as yours no WONDER people are leaving the church in droves.
    your such a young man to hold such biaasd opinions. when you get to be my age your going to REALLY be an old phart indeed!!!!!
    going to dublin huh? well lets hope it expands your mind a little. as it looks here ,. your NOT preaching the word of god. YOUR RAMMING DOWN RELIGIOUS FEAR AND SELF LOATHING. the very thing you said creates darkness in that evil force called RELIGION
    again i say. CHRIST is cool . its his FOLLOWERS [ and preachers] that one has to be wary of.
    lighten up.. . you come off as someone who has CONTROL issuses.

  2. Hey - I still don't know your name - but thanks for your posts. Down the righthand side of the blog there are a lot of lninks - one of them says 'email me' - so I do have an email address, if you want to continue in a less public forum.

    I am certainly not talking Bull, as you propose - I am faithfully proclaiming the message of Jesus. That cool one you obviously look up to spoke more about judgement and hell than the rest of the New Testament writers put together. So it isn't just Jesus' followers who have made up this idea of judgement. It was the message of Jesus, and remains his message until the end of time, when Jesus will return as Judge of the earth.

    And if you can't see that you are sinful, then I'm sorry, but you are in that darkness. You're blind! But you are also in my prayers, that you would come to the light of Christ, and find salvation by trusting in his blood, and be reconciled to God.

  3. Hey Gary as 1 chapter an new exciting 1 is starting... The friends your've made will still be your friends! The town will still be there when you visit...

    Here's to new challanges