Wednesday, August 03, 2005

An early night

Well well... Early nights never seem to work! Last night my evening was interesting... I got some dinner, then went into the living room to read for a while, and I put on the 'Master and Commander' DVD as I had been given it for my birthday and never saw it... I still haven't, as I dozed for about half an hour... so at 8pm, I went back into the bedroom, did my Bible study and devotions etc and was in bed at 9pm. At 9.10pm, the phone rang and during that call, I had got two messages - one of them that new call alert thingy that sends you a text if you miss a call - so then I rung back to see what they were after. So anyway... it was 10.30 before I was in bed, and I lay and read til 11.30, because the tiredness feeling had departed, so sleep wouldn't come so easily. Then at about midnight, there was an almighty downpour, so I went into the kitchen to watch it... But now it is morning, and I'm still not feeling altogether right. Ah well... another early night will hopefully help tonight!

It seems I was indeed living a verse of Scripture last night: 'On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night.' (Psalm 63:6).

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