Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wedding and Dublin

NO, not my wedding... no chance of that in the very near future! Yesterday evening I was in Omeath (County Louth) for the wedding party of my cousin Jason, and his wife Georgina. The party was quite good craic, although we were only home at about 3am, which was awfully late!

Then today, it was off to Dublin. Translink have been having some special £10 return to Dublin offer on Saturdays in the summer, so we went down - Scott, Donna, Lorna, Gillian, Lynsey and me, and ganshed about. We went on one of the city bus tours, hopping off and on again at several stops, of not much interest as it turned out, but then ended up on Grafton Street and St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.

So I'm only home there at about 11.30, by the time we had been to Dromara and then out by the Maze to check church times for tomorrow, which then I didn't need as David isn't taking the service there... ah well... I'll get to see him at some stage!

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  1. mmmmmm Gary finding it harder an harer 2 comment in ya blog... running out of witty things 2 say.

    Instead can I say its a honour 2 say in so many of your life experiences with you an 2 be your friend.