Friday, August 05, 2005


Last night I experienced an element of 'freedom', of being isolated, which was great. And it all came about accidentally! I was going down to Londonderry yesterday evening to just have a walk about and look in some of the shopping centres, but I was in so great a hurry out of the office that I left my mobile behind. I only realised when I was a right bit down the road, so had to go on without it.

And what was it like? Well, it felt like bliss, not being contactable, knowing that for those 2 or 3 hours that I wasn't a slave to the mobile... jumping to answer it or read and reply to texts... Although, of course, as it would happen, there were a right few waiting on me when I got back, but it was nice just to have those few hours of 'freedom'

I'm not saying, though, that I don't want to be texted or rung any more... far from it! But if I don't reply immediately some day, you'll know I have maybe deliberately forgotten the mobile for another hour or two of freedom!


  1. I know Gary how that feels and it is bliss when you 'accidentally' leave your mobile at home!

    Keep up the blog!!!

  2. Why own a mobile if you dislike it so much Mr Popular?