Monday, August 08, 2005


Yesterday we had the usual busy Sunday. The first service was the Celebrate at Ten, when Neville was speaking on the faithfulness of God, as displayed through the unfolding story of the Bible. They did a great 'sketch' type thing, using four readers, and covering the story of the Bible in 5 minutes... combining humour and the message of God's faithfulness to His people. God is indeed faithful, and will be faithful. It is in this faithful God that Neville has his trust, as he returns to England again for a new challenge.

At the 11.30 service, we had Holy Baptism with Holy Communion, and the visiting minister was William Quigley, who baptised his grandson.

In the afternoon, I took a wee drive out towards Killinchy, just to find the curch and see where it is I'm taking the service next Sunday. It was a great day yesterday, and nice weather for the drive.

Then last night I took the Summer Praise service, which seemed to go ok. The sermon, on Philippians 3:1-11 will, as always appear in the next week. However, I learnt a very important lesson last night: If using a music stand as a lectern, secure the top bit. I kept leaning on it, and it kept moving, which led to much amusement for the Youth Fellowship (as did my newly trimmed beard and gelled hair, for some reason...).

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  1. Sounds like a fun an productive day. MMM... the hair gel! what style did u do a mohican? A punk ordinand would amuse me 2 :-)