Saturday, August 27, 2005

Black Saturday

Well, today was Black Saturday, and Newtownards was very good. The weather was good, and the bands were great (well, most of them... two particular pipe bands from the Newcastle/Leitrim area weren't so good, but I won't name and shame just yet!)

I even got the chance to call in at 'Speak' - a week of mission stuff going on in Ards, linked between 7 churches in the town. This afternoon, they had a roller disco going on (music outside, music inside!), but I wasn't on rollerblades/skates - I would spend most of the time on my bottom... with bad memories of the same at Dundonald Ice Bowl one night...

The reason I called in at Speak, though, was to see Mark Henry, Youth Pastor at Movilla Church, who was at the event. It was great catching up with him again!

On the way home, we stopped at Connswater Centre briefly, then home again!

Some pictures of the parade will follow - again, if anyone has a way of hosting video footage that people could download, then please let me know - I'll have a couple of good video clips - one of the start of the Newry District (with Tullyvallen and Commons Silver Bands, then Altnaveigh Pipe all in a row), and also a clip of Upper Crossgare Pipe Band, who were the best pipe band on parade today!

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  1. I love hearing stories of church unity.

    Why not rollerblading Gary? lack of co-ordination? balancing issues? i'm curious....