Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm not sure if you had noticed any of the trailers for the new TV series which started on Channel 4 last night? It was a programme called 'Lost' about a plane which crashed on a desert island, and how the people on board cope, especially with a mysterious thingy on the island... The trailers seemed interesting, so I watched the first episode. It was ok, and certainly, there were cliffhangers every time it went to a break, but it wasn't overly great. So I decided not to watch the second episode.

But the concept, and the name of the programme got me thinking. 'Lost'. We all are lost. We are far from where we should be. (In the show, the pilot reveals they were about a thousand miles off course when they crashed.) We have gone 'to a far country' (Luke 15:13 AV).

The wonderful news, though, is that 'the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost' (Luke 19:10). Jesus is the Good Shepherd who goes in search of his lost sheep, and when he finds it, brings it home on his shoulders, rejoicing!

Yes, we are lost - we all, like sheep, have gone astray, but Jesus came to find us, and to bring us home. I'm not sure how the programme will turn out - there will probably be many twists and turns before they are rescued, but Jesus is there for you today, willing to come and find you, wherever you are, or whatever you have done.

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  1. Gary Gary Gary u should of stuck with the programme, Lost is fantastic, all those gorgeous men! ok maybe not a reason 4 u 2 watch it!!!