Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity

Well, now, today has beena busy day, all in...

8.30am Communion, with Alex Cheevers, then 10am Celebrate at Ten, then 11.30am Morning Prayer, at which I led and preached (and did the readings and prayers unexpectedly!). So I was in church from 8am til about 1pm... But the service went well (and yes, apologies - I have started another sentence with the word 'but' - evidently my English still isn't very good... you know who you are!), and the sermon seemed to go ok, apart from the random wee woman that came into the church halfway through the sermon, sat down, looked all around her for 5 minutes, then left again!

We even had Presbyterian visitors from Stewartstown, who were very welcome - I'm not sure if we converted Aled to the Book of Common Prayer yet - but maybe he will give us his impressions on it all in a comment...

Then this afternoon, we were in Newcastle with the family for a while, then back to the Clayton Hall to see the video of the RTE Morning Serice, which some of our parishoners were involved in this morning from the studio in Dublin. Then a wee jaunt to the park, before the last of our Summer Praise services at 8pm... next Sunday returns us again to our 6pm Evening services... where has the summer gone? It seems to have passed so quickly. In fact, this time four weeks and I will be in Dublin ready to start the first Monday of the course!

But I'm in Dromore tonight with the lovely prospect of a day off tomorrow for the Bank Holiday - excellent!

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  1. ok ok I confess the guilt from readin that blog is 2 much.... You spent most your day in church services, I on the other hand over slept so much missed church an stayed in bed an watched TV.

    I will set my alarm clock in future!