Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I know I have talked about my sleeping habits and problems before, but let's go at it again... Last night was a case in point. I couldn't get to sleep, and seemed to be a like a roasting chicken on a spit, constantly turning... So then I put on a cd (Kathryn Scott), and I can only remember about the first 2 songs, so I must have been sleeping, but then after it stopped, I went back to my pattern of sleeping for about 20 minutes, then waking... It's not nice at all, and then when the morning comes, I want to sleep but have to get up!

I suppose last night it wasn't helped by meeting a mouse in the flat - the first in several weeks, but I thought they were all away. RAGE! So they must have gotten used to the electro-magnetic pulser type device my landlord supplied me with... So I'm on the war path again tonight!

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  1. oh deary me, you should try counting............. mice!!!