Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nothing much to report

I know I'll get a bit of stick from Scott, but I really have nothing much to report today... last night I was in the flat, and finished the book on Calvinism, but I'm not in a position to write any more on it yet. Be assured it will come though!

I don't read that much fiction, but I started a new book last night - 'The Sinner' by Tess Gerritsen. So far we have been in a convent where one nun has been killed and another seriously injured...

I wonder why it is that a lot of my fiction reading has some link to faith or religion in some sense? For example, one of my favourite (fiction) books is 'Death in Holy Orders' by PD James - set in an Anglican Theological College in England, with a whole lot of murders... A few years back, I read some of the Barsetshire Chronicles by Anthony Trollope, which revolve around the church politics in a town and diocese. And then there's always some background of morality or faith to the books by John Grisham.

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  1. P D James an John Grisham good choices.

    Maybe I should write a murder mystery... Watcha think 2 my title Gary...

    Death of an Irish ordinand