Saturday, August 13, 2005

Derry Day

Today was of course Derry Day, but I shall come to that in good time... First, a general report on the events of last night, and within this posting shall be revealed the exact finish time and result of the Great Toilet Roll Prediction Competition!

Bryan and Stewart came up to the flat last night, and we had chips in Andy's (the biggest portions in Newtownstewart), then went out on a grand adventure. We started at Harry Avery's Castle, overlooking the village. There used to be 'authentic' Environment & Heritage Service green steel steps up to one of the balconies / window holes in the gate house, but they were removed, so Stewart decided to climb up to the nook anyway. Well, he managed it fairly easily, but his descent was a different story - being guided the whole road down with where he could put his feet!

Moving on from the castle, we headed out to Baronscourt, and down into the estate (whether we're meant to or not)... had a wee look about, and then out again. We then began following one of the new tourist routes recently begun - the South Sperrins Scenic Route, and we came upon the Baronscourt Parish Church. After Stewart had a go at bell-ringing (the chain is outside and ready for anyone to have a pull), we had an investigation into the oldest graves - roughly 1880 was the oldest. Then we found the former Dukes of Abercorn, all buried in a row.

It was on from there towards Crew Bridge, then into Castlederg, then to Clady and Strabane, before coming back to Newtownstewart by the back road to Victoria Bridge. We then proceeded to talk for a long time... (3am was the end up).

This morning then, I was up first (by a long way), then Stewart, and finally Bryan (although we had to threaten him to get him up). So we got to see the Newtownstewart ones parading before we left for Londonderry.

But the other big news is that the toilet roll was finished this morning at apprximately 9am. Primrose had guessed yesterday, and Claire had guessed tomorrow, so I shall have to decide on a way of allocating the win...

We had a good (but at times wet) day in Londonderry, watching the parade of the Apprentice Boys celebrating the Relief of the city from the siege. I didn't take too many pictures (what with wrestling with the umbrella in the wind and rain), but whatever few I have might well go on the photo site at some point in the future, under the culture section.


  1. Either do two prizes, or decide that 9am is closer to Friday and give it to Primrose.

  2. GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr Andy I wanna a prize!

    aww male bonding session SWEET!!