Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

So there we are, the final minute of Christmas Day 2006. The big day has come and gone. And what was it all about?

The day began in church, or rather, leaving church after the First Communion of Christmas - the best way to start the day. There was quite a big attendance, from what I could see, and most people communicated. Then the eating of turkey (we cook our turkey and ham on Christmas Eve evening). After that, it was out to Dromara and back, and into bed.

Neil woke us all at some time around 8am, to get us to go downstairs to exchange and open presents. Not as early as some of the families in church (including the family who were up at 2am... dear oh!), but early enough. I managed to drag out the giving of Neil's present to build up the hype. Eventually, he could stick it no longer and pleaded for it. And so he received the blown up, framed picture of 'that' Healy goal against England last year.

Then it was out to church for the family service, and back again for a friendly game of 'A Question of Sport' DVD game. Youngsters against the parents. And we won hands down!!! Hurray!

Then it was dinner - a great spread that I just couldn't finish... really yummy!

The evening has been spent in the company of the Wilky's at various locations, and was most enjoyable. My drawing skills were shown to be very poor, but my interpretation of modern art seemed to be quite good - as we played pictionary! And there were turkey sandwiches and other nibbles... not that we really needed more food, but I for one certainly managed to eat and eat!

Anyways, off to bed before a busy Boxing Day!

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  1. Would that be St Stephen's Day you are thinking about???