Monday, December 18, 2006

The guiding light

There has been some quare fog today... which impeded my driving to a certain extent. Today was when Lynsey came home from Scotland, and I was charged with collecting her from the airport.

This morning, the fog only seemed to be about Dromore and Lisburn - with three lorries in front of me going up the Pond Park road, we managed a top speed of 15mph... But over Dundrod, the sun came out, and it was a great day!

But on the way home, and also coming back to Dromore tonight, the fog has been very bad. It's a good job there are lines on the road and cats eyes, to let us know where the road turns. When there were no cars in front, the fog seemed particularly heavy, with nothing in front to show what way the road turned.

Yet on each journey, I managed to get behind a car, which meant that I had a guiding light. Suddenly, the road seemed to be clearer, and the way wasn't as difficult to find.

Made me think about finding our way in life - the future can seem foggy and unclear - yet Jesus is the bright morning star, and provides a light for us to follow. After all, the wise men also needed the light to find Jesus, the king they sought to worship.

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