Thursday, December 14, 2006

Home, eventually

So here I am, back at home again, back in rainy Northern Ireland, after my wee trip to London. The next few posts will be short reflections on the trip, and some photographs as well... but for now, I'll explain the 'eventually' in the title.

I got to Stansted in good time last night, and went through security with no problems... thankfully my days of beeping in the metal detector are past! We boarded the flight on time, and about two minutes before we were due to pull back and take off, there was an announcement from the flight deck.

We would be delayed by an hour, due to a problem with Scottish airspace. Cue the usual sounds - The inevitable groans echoed around the plane. Then the noise of mobiles being switched on. Then virtually everyone repeating the message of the pilot.

Just as we had done that, there was a second announcement, saying it would be a two hour delay now - making it after 11pm before we would be taking off. Something about a problem with the computers in the Scottish area of airspace.

So again, the noise of mobiles and annoyed phone calls.

And then... a gleam of hope - suddenly the plane started moving, and we were being re-routed by Dublin! So it turned out we were only about half an hour late, and it could have been so much worser!

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