Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Shopping Madness

I have never seen the like of it! [Maybe this should be my new catchphrase - I seem to be using it quote a lot recently...]

Today I was down in Marks and Spencer at Sprucefield to get a few things that were needed for Christmas presents etc. We thought it wouldn't be too bad for the crowds, but boys oh, it was shocking!

The Food Hall was particularly bad, with the queues stretching down the aisles, which then meant that other shoppers couldn't get down the aisles very well to see what was on the shelves. Such a crowd of people!!!

Then later, I heard that people were spending about two hours in Tesco to get their groceries. I'm dreading to think what it's going to be like on Saturday when I have to take mum for our shopping... aaaaaaagh!

Since when did Christmas become a frenzied rush of shopping and grabbing as much as possible? All this getting and spending, supposedly in honour of the One born in a stable; the One who went about without a place to lay his head. Complete madness!!!

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