Friday, December 29, 2006

Movie Time

Having not been at the cinema for quite a while, I've now been there three times in three weeks! The first time was to see Black Christmas with Neil. The slasher flick was quite good, but the ending was a bit strange, and not overly satisfactory. Neil was rightly scared, though, which made it worth while!

Then last week we went to see Deck the Halls. This is a light-hearted Christmas film about neighbours rowing over lighting up their houses for the festive season. The stars are Matthew Broderick (of The Producers etc) and Danny de Vito. Rather funny, and not too much thinking required!

Tonight we went to see Night at the Museum. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Steve Coogan. You'd think it would be funny. It was ok. Some isolated funny moments, but it was just ok. Sort of like Jumanji - if you can remember back to that film? But it was good to have the three Wilky sisters and their menfolk together...

So I wonder if I'll be at the cinema early in 2007, or have I used up my cinema-going quota for the next wee while?

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