Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Trinity College, Dublin"

On Monday evening, I was crossing the road at Picadilly Circus, minding my own business, looking around at the sights and making sure I wouldn't be hit by a red bus, a black taxi, or a cyclist!

When suddenly, a man crossing the road the other way said, as he passed me: "Trinity College Dublin".

And that was it.

I wondered what he was at, then remembered I was wearing my Trinity scarf - the distinctive red, dark blue and light blue colours.

So now I'm wondering if he was a graduate himself, or just a saddo who 'spots' the colours of educational establishments? I'll never know, because he continued on, turning back only to see me nodding to say he had got it right, and he nodded in approval. And that was it!

What a strange moment in the middle of the all bustle of London...

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