Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fog, fog and more fog

I think this is the worst fog I've ever seen... lasting for as long as it has, so far. Now, granted that this afternoon when I was coming back from Belfast there was a bit of clear sky over Hillsborough, but everywhere else there seems to be nothing but fog!

So the question is, does the weather make it more Christmassy, or less? We don't get to see the clear frosty evenings, and we aren't getting snow. On the other hand, it's darker...

But one thing that annoys me is the drivers who go out on the roads without any lights on at all. Are they blind? Have they no sense? How do they expect other cars to see them if they don't bother turning their lights on? Oh, I don't know! I just hope I don't hit one of those eejits!

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