Friday, December 08, 2006

Social event after social event...

Ok, so seeing the anonymous commenter has returned, and has reminded me of what I should be writing about, here goes...

Tuesday afternoon was our afternoon out with the lecturer - we lunched in Cafe-en-Seine on Dublin's Dawson Street. From the outside, it looks like a small pokey cafe. However, when you go inside, it opens out into two vast chambers with a huge bar, great atmosphere and good food.

The afternoon was pleasant and relaxing after a busy term.

More happened on Tuesday, but we'll stick for now with the social event after social event details. So last night was the next actual social event - we had the college Christmas dinner and party.

The kitchen staff were amazing, producing a great Christmas dinner, and a good atmosphere with the refectory (the dining room) ambiently lit by candles. After speeches, and the announcement of the new Sacristans (congratulations to Stephen and Martin), we retired to the Hartin Room for the party.

As tradition dictates, the first years were in charge of the organising, and they did a great job. The theme was James Bond - so lots of tuxes and evening gowns were on show. A couple of guys even made it in full highland dress! My costume consisted of turning up in a dressy shirt and black trousers, and I brought my duvet too - I was an undercover agent!

As well as lots of music and dancing, there was a 'Test the Congregation' quiz - with awfully difficult questions - and some Awards. I came away with one of them - the Preaching Award, for which I got a wooden spoon, with which to stir up some challenge!

When the dancing started again, I retired to my room as tiredness came over me. I missed the piper, but sure I see enough bagpipes in the year!

And thus we come to the end of the social update!

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