Saturday, December 09, 2006

Culchie Shopping Day

I forgot to write about this yesterday, so here goes. Seemingly yesterday was 'Culchie Shopping Day' in Ireland. It may not be the official name of it, but that's how it was described on the radio.

Basically, the situation is as follows. All the Catholic schools have a day off in December to allow the kids to go shopping for Christmas. There are special train prices for day returns to the cities.

And yesterday was the day.

So Stan and me were for leaving college at the same time - just as it happened. The advice given by a Dublin female was to avoid the M50 - the motorway around the city - as it would be choc-a-bloc. So Stan took the advice, and set off on a route through the city centre. I, on the other hand, ignored the advice, thinking that if the kids were having special train fares, and they were shopping in the city centre, then the city centre would be the last place you would want to be... so it was the M50 for me.

It was the clearest I have ever seen the road!!!

Stan, on the other hand got stuck in a traffic jam relatively quickly, and had to turn back for the M50 when I told him how it was free-flowing!

I'm not sure of the moral of the story - weigh advice carefully, perhaps?

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