Saturday, December 16, 2006

Seasonal Reading

One of the benefits of being a church with a lectionary (a system of readings) is that it means you work through the seasons of the year. So, we begin with Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Trinity. That's the year in brief.

It takes us through the main events of Christ's life, in the different times of the year. Very useful, to make sure that we don't miss anything out...

And linked to this, I like to read a book relating to the season we're in. So, in the week leading up to Easter, I read something on the cross, or the crucifixion etc. Currently, we're in Advent, the season when we remember Christ's first coming, and also prepare ourselves for Jesus' Second Coming as King and Judge.

So my seasonal reading was a wee book by WJ Grier, called 'The Momentous Event.' John Grier is the proprietor of the Evangelical Bookshop in Belfast, with his distinctive accent. The book is subtitled 'A Discussion of Scripture Teaching on the Second Advent.' It looks at the three positions of pre-, post- and a- millenialism - as relating to the question of when (or if) the thousand year reign of Christ on earth will occur - before the rapture, after the rapture, or if it's not to be taken literally. (As found in Revelation 20:4)

Prior to reading the book, I must confess to being very confused on the whole thing. Now, I think I'm more clear on my own position, and better able to use the Scriptures to support it. So, ladies and gentlemen, I announce that I am an a-millenialist.

The important thing to remember, though, is that Jesus is coming back! Be ready!


  1. you know something i just bought a copy of that yesterday in the second hand book shop in dundee??? thats weird!

  2. There you go Bryan! It's a sign for you to be reading it! A bit freaky though!

  3. For such a small book, it made quite an impact in its day. Just an NB though - you do know that John Grier isn't WJ? WJ was his father, known as Jim. (Who was also at one time manager of the bookshop, before being a minister.) [I declare my hand - I'm John Grier's daughter.]