Friday, December 22, 2006

Flirt to Convert?

The title of this posting is a phrase that was bandied about our youth group in my younger days. Flirt to convert. One friend in particular was very fond of the phrase.

I suppose it means that you go after a partner who isn't a Christian, trying to get them interested in the relationship, and as a consequence, they become a Christian. Slightly dodgy theology, to my mind. Much better to only seek to enter a relationship with a fellow Christian. And, I believe, a Scriptural principle too.

So while I was still in college, James (or was it Clare) told me about a website with that very title. I had a look, and laughed. So here, for you to look at, is the flirt to convert website. I think the wee lassie involved needs to get her head sorted out. And her theology straight as well!

1 comment :

  1. hey i have the sam e problems with that ideology in some yp's mind that it is ok to date with the non christians in the hope of them being converted. Find a good partner in the faith i say.