Thursday, May 12, 2005


Once again, Thursday night finds me in the computer suite of Grange Court, in Newtownstewart, in the ECDL class through work. We’re now on spreadsheets, which seems to be not too bad, but I’m a wee bit ahead of the class, so have time to write a wee posting for the blog.

And, without wishing to jump the gun, so far there haven’t been any mishaps with the computers breaking down tonight yet. But then, we’ve only been here for an hour, and there isn’t the pressure of exams tonight. I just hope that when I next have to do a test, the computer doesn’t break down again, like the last time…

Nights like these are not nights you want to be sitting in a computer suite – tonight is even nicer than last night, with bright sun, and quite warm. Having said that, though, it’s cool enough with a bit of wind. Let’s hope that it continues to the weekend, with various things happening – Saturday is an Antiques and Collectibles Fair in the Cathedral Hall in Dromore, as well as the May Fair in Dromore Square (the first time this has happened), and the Mayor’s Parade in Lisburn. Then on Sunday, there’s a big day of prayer happening at the Stormont estate, although not everyone has been entirely happy about it. Last week there was a letter in the Newsletter from a Presbyterian minister in Moy who said he couldn’t endorse it, given that the participants have different understandings of prayer. Also this weekend there is a flower festival in St John’s Church, Dromara. No doubt I’ll end up going to that on Sunday – mum and granny like looking at the flowers, and I’m a bit nosy to see what other churches are like, and how they are laid out (e.g. sound systems and such like). This will be the first flower festival I’ve been to this year, but I’m sure there’ll be other ones before the end of the summer.

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  1. Dromara! woohoo! You just cant keep away as it has so much to offer! Say hello to my house for me if you go past it!