Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Night time again...

I think O2 have it in for me this week... last night some messages didn't come through until 1.25am, again when I was pleasantly sleeping... However, having been wakened by them, I, for some reason, turned on the light and lay awake for a while, thinking it was about 7.30am, and I would be getting up soon. So after a wee while of lying awake, I looked at the clock, and realised that, in fact, it was only after 1.30am, and that I would be as well getting back to sleep!

However, I had a bit of an interrupted night, and was definitely awake at 4am and about 5.30am. Yet still, I didn't get up until about 8.45am, leading to a rush to be in the office at a decent time!

Anyone got any tips or suggestions for getting a good night's sleep?

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