Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Some of you may already know, but I seem to have a bit of a problem around the whole area of sleepwalking. I didn’t know I had a problem until dad asked what I was doing at night in my room – him having heard me shouting or wandering about through the night.

And then the more famous incidents happened when I went on youth weekends, camps and holidays. Here I share them, for your amusement (and fear if you have to share a room with me in future!).

A few years ago, at BB Camp in the Isle of Wight, we had problems getting the camp beds set up during the day, fully awake. They were particularly difficult to assemble, and seemed to be even harder to disassemble. But, not for me! That first night, I managed to take down my camp bed, and fold it up neatly…while asleep! Then later in the week, my watch went missing – eventually to have been found in someone else’s bag… the only explanation being I had put it there while asleep.

At a YF weekend a few years back, Scott was on the top bunk, and I was in the bottom bunk, and he awoke, to find me staring at him (while sleeping), with the lights in the room on. The same weekend, my duvet went missing through a night, and it appears that I had put it in the wardrobe while sleepwalking.

Then last year, we went over to England for a few days, and on the first night, Scott woke up to find that I had put my pillow over his face (but hadn’t pressed down!). He was a bit more cautious after that, for some reason!

Not long after, I was in England with work, and sharing a room with my boss… but the worst that happened was three conversations in my sleep, which got increasingly agitated. Hazlett was a bit worried, I think!

Recently, there, I was in Brussels with Hazlett again, and he heard me talking in my sleep in an English accent – where that came from, I have no notion!
I think that’s all the occasions, but no doubt others will come to mind, or people will remind me of horrific occasions!


  1. Oh my word!!! I sleepwalk too, once i managed to go the whole way downstairs with my duvet, leave it on the couch in the kitchen, and travel back upstairs without it, later when i woke up feeling cold I was freeked out with where I found it lol!!!!

  2. Alan B Says
    We shall have to keep a close eye on you when we get to College then.