Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Election Results Part Three

The election results are now in for the councils, and it has been an interesting time. Again, the trend has seen huge swings towards the DUP, and to a lesser extent, to Sinn Fein. For the DUP to gain an extra 51 seats in the councils (particularly their performance in Lisburn) was a tremendous achievement, and, I think, gives a more accurate picture of the opinion in Northern Ireland than the Westminster election, which can be skewed by tactical voting.

Closer to home, in Banbridge Council, the DUP has become the largest party. However, Sinn Fein have now taken their first seat in the council, despite targetting two seats. Obviously, despite their agitation by Paul Butler in recent years, the good people of Dromore have shunned Sinn Fein.

So where do we go from here? The indications are that we won't ever again elect 582 councillors, as the next elections will be to a smaller number of councils, taking in a wider area. Therefore, the big issue could be the boundaries of these new local authorities. Will Banbridge council be consumed by Newry, or by Armagh (or both together), or by Craigavon? Could Dromore be separated from Banbridge and be consumed by Lisburn? We await the decision of the review body with interest...

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