Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mary Part Two

Just a quick reflection on a verse from 2 Kings 18. Hezekiah was king of Judah around the time at Israel went into exile, and was the greatest king that Judah had, before or after. Why? Because Hezekiah trusted in God fully, and sought to obey him.

He removed a lot of the high places where sacrifices had been made, and destroyed the stone idols that had been worshipped. But he also destroyed the bronze serpent that Moses had made in the wilderness, because the people were now burning incense to it. Something that had reminded the people to worship God had become something that the people worshipped.

Is it possible that Roman Catholics, and some Anglicans (involved in ARCIC and such like things) have done a similar thing with Mary? Mary, as a woman, as a sinner like the rest of us, was a servant of God - a reminder of God's faithfulness. She is an example. But she is not to be worshipped.

There is a fine line between using something to worship God, and to worshipping the idol and turning your back on God. Romanists and Anglicans should be very careful in this regard!

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