Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I'm just back from Londonderry, where I was in the audience for a recording of UTV's Insight programme. I say recording- even though it is advertised as 'live' in the tv listings, it is in fact recorded a few hours beforehand, so it means I will get a chance to see it on tv...

Mitchell McLaughlin got a good grilling on the role of the IRA, and the criminality debate (relating to Robert McCartney and Jean McConville), and the other panel members were David McClarty (UUP), Mark Durkan (SDLP) and Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP).

It might seem like I have the 'telly bug', having been on both BBC and UTV in the audience of political debates in recent weeks - it was certainly interesting to be involved, but I wouldn't want to be on tv too much... the studio tonight was roasting!

I think the BBC do a better show, with slightly better catering, and at least there are no breaks, so once you start, that's it until it finishes, whereas with UTV, it was very bitsy.

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