Sunday, May 01, 2005

Victory in the jaws of embarrassment

I'm just in through the door, and feel compelled to let you all know how the evening went. And given the title I've given this posting, you may be wondering what all went on...

The evening started quiet enough at the Ice Bowl in Dundonald, with all sorts of idle threats about strippers and them getting me later on... and then the 'Extreme Bowling' started at 8pm. This is where you are bowling in a sort of disco environment, with the lights down, the UV lights on, and loud disco music blaring, and smoke machines. A completely different experience of bowling. Especially when you have DJ Glen Pavis from Cool FM wandering about with a radio mike doing prize giveaways and requests etc...

He started off by asking for requests, and several culprits from the group disappeared off to see him... so very soon afterwards, he came down to our lane, and made the group sing happy birthday to me (which was sung very well - even Glen noticed!)... giving me my first reddener of the evening.

Then later, he asked for volunteers to dance to the Cha Cha Slide. There was a group of wee girls who were doing it, when I was rugby tackled in a scrum down to the line... and forced to remain and dance. What made it slightly better, though, was that Glen then forced David, Pamela and Heather to also dance. Fair play to David - I hadn't seen him dancing before, but he did rightly well!

And through all these distractions, there was a game of 10-pin bowling going on! Now, some of the group aren't the most competitive, but some of the rest of us are always playing for pride, notably David, Jordan, Bryan, Stewart and myself.

The good news to report is that I was victorious! I won with 124, which isn't a bad score, but certainly not near my best... Heather came second with 117, and Mark was third with 113.

We then went on to Harry Ramsdens, where we managed to eventually get a table for 14, and enjoyed more craic and banter during the meal. Only for one more bit of embarrassment to be unleashed at virtually the end of the night... when a cake with a candle was brought out for me. Thank you to the culprits behind it, Stewart and Bryan...

All in all, we had an excellent night, and I'm glad it went well. Now I think it's time for bed, with a busy day in front of me!

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