Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Wednesday evening seems to be driving evening now. I think I'm realising that I'm coming to the ebd of my time in Newtownstewart, and want to see the bits I haven't seen in the countryside around it. So, while last Wednesday was the jaunt across the border into Donegal, tonight was a bit of a journey up into the Sperrins.

I set off to Gortin, then on to Barnes' Gap (which, according to the tourist sign at the car park means 'Gap Gap' because 'Barnes' means gap in Irish... which leads to a funny story from BB Camp a few years back... in Wales, signs are bi-lingual, in Welsh and English. So when Glenn saw a sign for: 'Castell Castle', he thought it was very strange that a place called 'Castell' would have a castle at it... until we pointed out it was actually a bi-lingual sign pointing to the castle!).

Then I came back across the gap, and went to look for a wee parish church I had been in one time before, but isn't on the Ordnance Survey map. And, success! I found it, then continued out the road, cut back on myself by another road, and ended up in the hamlet of Rousky, before returning back to Gortin and home!

A nice wee evening of driving, but it would have been even nicer if the rain had stayed away. It wasn't very heavy, but it just meant that I couldn't take photos, and also that I had to take it easy on the roads...

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  1. The Big Girl19 May, 2005 08:56

    Easy on the roads - you?!?!?!