Monday, May 09, 2005

The weekend

Well, just another busy weekend, with not being home on Saturday nght until just afer midnight... the meal was good as ever, and the craic great!

Then yesterday was the usual busy Sunday, with 8.30am Holy Communion, 10am Celebrate at Ten, 11.30am Morning Prayer and 6pm Evening Prayer. At YF we had 27 people, and looked at the Second Coming of Jesus, given that Thursday past was Ascension Day, and that Jesus is coming back again, having gone to heaven.

This week looks to be the usual busy week in work, but I'll not complain. I think I'll miss Newtownstewart a bit when I finally finish here - my colleagues in the office, the nice scenery (and view from my desk), and my contacts with the members of the group. But no doubt I will soon settle in to my next place of abode!

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