Monday, May 09, 2005

The Restaurant Challenge!

Just a quick post - read Dave Parkinson's posting on 5th May about the restaurant challenge! The summary is that he sits in restaurants until closing time (or after), in a bid to see who long he can stay.

For some reason, Bryan Kee is always very keen on this as well, leading to late nights and dirty looks in a variety of places, including the Royal Hotel in Cookstown, Harry Ramsden's in Yorkgate and the Halfway House near Dromore... I suppose it means it gives us plenty of time to chat about various things, but just think of the poor staff in the place, who have to stand about until we leave, who have probably worked hard for the night, and not being able to get home...

I suppose 11.15pm on Saturday night wasn't too bad, but there was the lone wee girl standing at the desk looking rather bored and forlorn until we left... and then the lights went off very quickly and the doors were locked to the restaurant!

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