Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday night

Tonight I was at the youth event in Laurelhill School, called Focus. It's my first time at the event, and it seemed to go really well. The music is (from what I can tell) done by students of the Lisburn School of Music, and was great, as was the testimony, drama, soloist and speaker.

In a very passioned and youth-relevant talk, he looked at Job, as an 'exam' where Job faced two practical tests, then an exam from God, which he passed, because he praised God, and humbled himself and repented.

Then it was back to Dromore where I watched a band parade for a while until it got too cold to stand out any longer... and then it was onto the net to type up this and see who was on msn...

Tomorrow will probably be the usual mad Saturday, heading away somewhere with mum...

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