Thursday, May 12, 2005

Journeyings in Donegal

Last night, with the weather being good, I went for a wee journey to places new. So, for the first time I found myself in Raphoe and Convoy. Raphoe is a small town / big village, which also contains the Cathedral of St Eunan, for the diocese of Raphoe. A big sprawling graveyard surrounds it, heading down towards an old ruined castle, which I think, was the Bishop’s palace. The cathedral seems to be an odd shape (check out the photos on my photo album site, in the collection ‘Donegal’).

From there, it was on to Convoy, which is a tiny village, with the Church of Ireland church in the middle of the village. The grounds of this one are well kept, with the caretaker seeming to live in the grounds in a wee bungalow. But round the back of the church there is what appears to be the old church, just a small square building with walls only about chest high.

From there, I went on to Letterkenny, which seems to be a big bustling town with a long and prosperous lain street lined with shops, and several shopping centres. Maybe worth a visit one day when the shops are open!

Then I went out towards Manorcunningham, where there is a viewpoint that looks out over what would be Letterkenny Bay, towards Lough Swilly. Despite it being slightly hazy, there was still a nice view. And then from there, I came back towards Lifford, getting the cheaper petrol, before returning again to the flat.
All in all, a nice evening. Today the weather is even better, but there’ll be no gallivanting tonight, as I’ve got my ECDL computer class…

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