Friday, May 06, 2005

Election Results Part Two

Just a quick posting, now that all the results are in for the Westminster election. All in all, not a bad day for the Democratic Unionist Party - as Gregory Campbell said, the unionist people are off their knees - so it's up to the governments to listen and respond.

Still, however, it is disappointing to think that there could have been another two unionist seats, had the parties worked together, as in Fermanagh&South Tyrone, and South Belfast. Come on people, work together for the union!

Part three will follow when we have the council results in. Will there be such a wipeout again? I'm thinking there probably won't be, due to the nature of the electoral system, where voters can be more savvy, and choose personalities as well as parties. Perhaps the council election will show a truer picture of the state of the parties.

For more information on the election results, check out the BBC coverage by clicking here.

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