Sunday, May 29, 2005


Boys oh! Last night was another bit of a late night, being up until after 1am, then this morning I was wakened by the sun and the brightness at 6.45am... so I dozed over, and wakened another few times before getting up at 9am.

Church, Sunday Club and Church this morning went quite well, with the choir doing the whole Sung Responses again this morning - let's hope it isn't EVERY service!

This afternoon, we're going to watch the Orange parade in Lambeg, in which the Lisburn district walks from Lisburn, and the Derriaghy District walks from Derriaghy, before converging and going to Lambeg Parish Church... a quare walk, all in!

Tonight, then, we're going to the Shankill Leisure Centre to see Y-Friday in concert... update later on maybe...

Oh, and happy birthday to Heather - she doesn't read this, but sure...

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