Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Why oh why do people drive slow? Last night were perfect conditions for driving - bright with dry roads... and do you know what? On the main road from Ballygawley to Omagh there was a car doing 30 miles per hour. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh! Now, normally it wouldn't be too hard to get past, but what made it worse was that there was an articulated lorry behind it, so it took a considerable straight bit to get past... And then not very long after getting past, there was a police speed camera watching... I wonder if the police would stop someone for driving too slowly because there was a big long queue behind the car. It can't be safe to drive so slowly, because you then annoy the drivers behind and make them more likely to take risks to try and get past...


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  2. aww thats such a shame Gary..dont u hate it when that happens!!

  3. Oh Speedy Gary! Patience is a virtue: possess it if you can! Seldom in a woman, and never in a man! See how you've proved the truth in that wise old saying!

    But, hey I know what it feels like to be stuck behind slow moving traffic...I sat in a traffic jam for an hour yesterday in temperatures of 26'C+ in my trusty LandRover which has no AC...ah, yes, I wasn't too patient either. But, that was unusual really.

    Usually, the cause of my frustrations on the roads here are caused my people driving too fast and taking the most crazy risks when overtaking. Police speed cameras seem to have little effect. Solid white lines mean nothing. Sharp corners mean even less. I'm sure I frustrate them as I endeavour to stick to 50mph, the fastest legal speed on any Kosovan road.

    Happy Driving!

  4. In America you can be given a ticket for driving too slowly!